Easy Christmas stocking

Quilters for Comfort (QFC) primarily donates quilts but we also make other items for donation.  Right now we’re working on Christmas stockings for donation to an Elk’s Lodge for their Children’s Christmas party.  This particular Elk’s Lodge is located in an area that is economically depressed due to the closure of a copper mine that was 90% of the small town’s income.   The stockings are an ongoing project that some of the QFC members work on all year ’round.   For the tutorial on how these stockings are made,  just click on the link.  I hope you find time to make a few of these stockings not only for your family and friends, but to donate a few to a worthy cause in your area (and, of course, if you’d like to help out QFC, we’d love it!)  Thanks for stopping by…


stocking tutorial


About quiltersforcomfort2013

Quilters for Comfort is an online group that primarily makes quilts for distribution to non-nationally recognized charities (we actually prefer the word "causes"). Every member plays a roll in making these quilts whether it be a few blocks, to assembling blocks into a top, to quilting a quilt top, to making an entire quilt. Everyone works together to create something beautiful and full of caring... QFC is 100% volunteer. No one is ever financially compensated for their participation. It is hoped that the generosity contributed is worth so much more than dollars and cents!
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